Why Worldwide Telemedicine

Our comprehensive service sets us apart from other telemedicine providers with real-time case management in tandem with quality medical care. The difference between us and other providers start from the care you receive on location. We don’t just ship out our telemedicine unit to be run by a crew member when needed or an on-site EMT. Our service starts with trained paramedics who receive several hundred hours more training than a basic EMT. They have an advanced skill set to be able to administer more treatments and medications on-site above a typical EMT.

As well, our OSHA-trained, occ-med, ER doctors are not simply “on-call” but rather physically near the telemedicine unit to answer a call when it comes through. There is no need to wait for a doctor to drive in to the telemedicine base unit and assess the patient. The accessibility of our doctors can make all the difference in the swift treatment and potential transport of an injured worker.

Should a transfer be required, we have a partnership with an occupational medicine clinic where the patient can be transferred over an emergency room, if the situation allows.

Another factor that sets us apart is our ability to remotely patch-in a case manager in real-time to record the patient’s statement of the incident. This ensures that the proper procedures are being followed and you don’t have to wait for an injured employee to return to shore to gather a statement.

Using Worldwide Telemedicine’s unique service will aid in reducing lost time accidents, decrease cost emergency medical transports and increase accuracy of any OSHA recordables.

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