At Worldwide Telemedicine, we provide a range of comprehensive benefits that far exceed our competitors with our board certified ER physicians, specially trained on-site paramedics, state of the art telemedicine unit, and turnkey case management abilities. All of our services are geared toward the safety and health of your employees while also assisting you with effective cost management measures.

A Range of Benefits

  • Decrease in evacuations for unnecessary ER visits
  • Reduction of Lost Time Accidents
  • 24/7 Access to Board Certified ER Physicians
  • Doctors provide immediate consultation and guidance to on-site paramedic for a thorough and accurate diagnosis, care and treatment at your job site
  • Our Physicians will provide follow-up examinations as necessary via our telemedicine unit
  • If evacuation is deemed necessary, the mobile telemedicine unit, with certain upgrades, can provide continuous monitoring by our Board Certified Physician during the evacuation. As well, we have a partnership with an occupational medical clinic where the patient can be transferred, if preferred, rather than an emergency room.


Comprehensive Care for Your Employees in Remote Work Environments

Worldwide_Telemedicine_Offshore_White_PaperLearn how Worldwide Telemedicine’s technology provides comprehensive care for your employees in remote work environments.

A company’s overall productivity directly depends upon the individual productivity of its employees. Employee illness, whether caused by an actual absence from work or a decrease in capabilities, costs hundreds of billions of dollars annually. It is imperative that employers across all industries take steps to safeguard the health of their employees both for individual benefit and for the benefit of the company overall. Worldwide Telemedicine was created with the aim of being virtually present at any medical emergency. The company’s technology provides the most comprehensive medical care available in the industry, to reduce the need for costly emergency transportations and effectively manage emergencies and injuries in real-time.

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